Sunday School

Children’s Education


Our Sunday School meets during the School Year on the first and second Sundays of each month at 11am after worship. Students explore their faith by singing, praying, learning Bible stories, making crafts, and participating in other activities. Children ages four and up are welcome to attend in our multi-age, family style class. Sunday School is held on the second floor of the Parish House, the white building with rocking chairs on the porch next door to the sanctuary.

For the safety of our whole community, we require teachers to file for regular background checks and two teachers are always present with our class.

Confirmation Class

As they enter middle school, many youth have questions: about God, religion, the Bible, and the world. They may have a strong faith in God, or maybe they aren’t sure what to believe, but are open to exploration. Students in grades 6-8 may join our confirmation class to learn about the Bible, basic prayers and statements of faith, communion and baptism. “Confirmation” refers to confirming the promises made in baptism, but this class is for all youth in that age bracket to gain tools to study the Bible and grow as they live our their faith journey throughout their lives. We meet weekly on Wednesday evenings.

Adult Education

Adult Education is typically offered at 11am after worship, simultaneously with Sunday School. However, during the pandemic our groups have met at various times throughout the week. Past classes have included:

  • Lutheran Worship 101
  • Bible studies on the weekly readings and on Women of the Bible
  • Melake Tekle of Eritrea, presented by the author of a book on his life
  • Life and faith in Namibia, presented by a local PhD student
  • Videos like “Luther and the Reformation” by Rick Steves

Watch our home screen for upcoming educational events!

Additional Opportunities

Additional seasonal events and craft opportunities for all ages are offered and have included:

  • Advent crafts
  • Christmas pageants
  • Lenten studies
  • Holy Week story walks
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