2021 Encourage One Another

“Therefore, encourage one another and build up each other, as indeed you are doing.” 1 Thessalonians 5:11

Dear family of God at First Lutheran

The apostle Paul writes, “Encourage one another and build up each other.” 

While we have been learning a lot of new ways to do that work, it’s the work that we, at First Lutheran,  have been doing all along: encouraging one another within our congregation, building up our neighbors in the Malden community, and strengthening our relationships with one another wherever we go. 

Our congregation has continued in ministry, staying connected, holding safe, sacred space through these months of unknowns and uncertainty. Your participation, passion, and financial support are part of helping us continue to be the church in these times: 

‘This year we will have been at First Lutheran for 5 years! One of the things we value most is the opportunity to raise our daughter in the church. Sunday School really provides Scaia with wonderful religious instruction in the classroom and out. We are also happy that Scaia as a chance to build strong friendships with other kids though Sunday School.”

– Jeff “Surf” Sprague

“We are grateful to Bread of Life for helping our Malden neighbors and for organizing ways that we and others can help in following one of the most basic biblical instructions: feeding the hungry.” – The Albright Family

This is just a sample of the impact of our ministry in this challenging year. You can find more on our Facebook page (FirstLutheranMalden) and on the rest of our website. This is the ministry we will continue to do together whatever form it may take in the year ahead. 

You are an important part of this work in all the ways you share your gifts. Today we are inviting you to invest in First Lutheran’s ongoing ministry with your financial pledge for the upcoming year (2021), so that we can continue to encourage one another and build up the greater Malden  community (and beyond) in sharing God’s love and grace.

 Please prayerfully consider making a personally meaningful pledge: 

  • If you are new to giving, what would it look like for you to commit to $5/week ($1/day)? 
  • If you already give regularly to our shared ministry, what would it look like to stretch in a meaningful way, perhaps giving an additional 1% of your income? 
  • If you already give 10% or more of your income, how can you stretch your giving in a new direction in the coming year? 

Whatever your gift, together we are the body of Christ in this place, encouraging one another, reminding one another that God continues to be at work among us in this shared ministry!