2023 Stewardship: Our Daily Bread

Give us this day our daily bread.” – Matthew 6:11

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Dear Siblings in Christ at First Lutheran Church, 

When we pray in the Lord’s Prayer, “Give us today our daily bread,” we pray not just for what is to come but for a recognition that God provides what is needed for right now. We pray in gratitude for what was there the day before. We pray that we might trust it to be there tomorrow. We pray that what is there might be used well and shared for the flourishing of all. 

We are pausing at this time in the life of our congregation to consider what gifts we have both individually and together. It has been a challenging few years for everyone! Take some time alone or as a household to pause and consider the gifts God has given you, both physical like bread and shelter, and intangible, like faith, relationships, and courage. Then we invite you to recall the great gift God gives us: Jesus Christ, the bread of life. 

In the next week  take a moment to consider your financial gifts. Prayerfully consider what you hope to be able to share with the congregation in the coming year. We recognize the uncertainty of these times and want you to know that you are free to change your estimate of giving at any time. Return the enclosed pledge card in worship on December 18th or submit it to Annette D’Onofrio by mail or using the link in the e-news. If you have questions or concerns please contact George Brickley.

Together we recognize that God is at work in our midst and that we have gifts enough to do what God calls us to. We are excited to discover how our ministry will grow and change in the coming year and are grateful for you, recognizing that your presence and support are one of the ways in which God provides our congregation’s daily bread.

The Stewardship Team

Pastor Emily Hamilton
George Brickley
Donna Kerry
Joanne Leisk

Stewardship form available here

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