2022 Stewardship: Rooted to Grow

“I am the vine, you are the branches. Those who abide in me and I in them bear much fruit.” – John 15:5

Dear Siblings in Christ at First Lutheran,

Thank you to all who participated in our discussion series both in person and via Zoom on “Roots, Branches, and Fruit”! We hope you found them meaningful as you consider what our ministry means to you and how you can continue to make it grow and flourish through your financial commitment in 2022.

Here are some of the many, many thoughts that came out of these discussions:

  • “I felt very close during our lunchtime meditations during COVID”
  • “Prayer helps me replenish when dried out, as well as scripture especially Psalms”
  • Being connected through phone calls, Zoom worship, newsletter
  • Outreach the congregation does: Camp Uke, protests at detention centers, the Malden Warming Center, Bread of Life, sending cards and making phone calls

Please take a moment to look at the enclosed Bible study.  Read it yourself or go over it with your family or a friend.  Maybe even a small group via Zoom! The Bible study is based on the reading we’ve been discussing for the past four Sundays.  As the Bible study says, “As you consider how it is that you offer your gifts in service to God, the church, and the world, remember that the opportunity to share those gifts – the opportunity to bear fruit in the world – is a result of your being rooted in Christ. We are inspired by those moments of connection, of feeling fully alive, and our generosity of time, talent, and treasure emerges as a joyful expression.”

As you consider your 2022 commitment, let the Spirit lead you. There is great joy in giving, when you open your heart, and let the goodness and wondrous love of God grab hold of you. In such giving, you become a generous person, a grateful person, a godly person. Life has no greater thrill than this!

November 14th is Commitment Sunday. You can either send your completed Estimate of Giving form to the church office, bring it with you on Sunday, or complete the online version.

On this day, Pastor Emily will consecrate our 2022 financial commitments to God during worship. We will ask God to multiply and bless our offerings so that we might ‘bear good fruit’ in the world for the sake of the Gospel.

Thanks be to God for grafting us forever to the vine, Jesus Christ, our Lord. And thanks to all of you for caring for each other, serving God, and loving your neighbor. Together, we are able to live out a life of faith that is more powerful than we can imagine.

The Stewardship Team

Pastor Emily Hamilton
George Brickley
Donna Kerry
Heather Kunst
Joanne Leisk