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  • Acolyte Training

    Acolyte Training

    We’re returning to an old practice: acolytes assisting in worship! Acolyte means “follower,”¬† and these followers of Jesus help lead worship by lighting candles, assisting with¬† communion, leading processions, and putting the candles out after worship is over. This is a great role for children and youth. Acolytes will serve no more than once a…

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  • Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper

    Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper

    Save the date for First Lutheran Church in Malden’s Fat Tuesday Pancake Dinner! Fat Tuesday, or Shrove Tuesday, or Mardi Gras (depending on where you’re from) falls on the day before Ash Wednesday. Christians often hold a big party to use up the sugar and fat in the house before the more strict and penitential…

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  • Malden Ukulele Meet Up

    Malden Ukulele Meet Up

    Is your ukulele gathering dust? Always want to learn, but never had a change to try? Longing to play or sing with a group of people? Everyone in the Malden area is welcome to stop by First Lutheran Church at 3pm on January 29th for a casual ukulele meet-up! Bring your ukulele if you have…

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  • Winter-Spring 2023 Ukulele Lessons

    Winter-Spring 2023 Ukulele Lessons

    We’re excited to return to ukulele after the winter holidays! Students in grades 3-12 of all experience levels are welcome. The session will begin with two classes, one for beginning/intermediate and one for advanced. Depending on the skill level of each student, we may adjust the groups over the course of the semester. Classes will…

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