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  • Holy Week and Easter 2023

    Holy Week and Easter 2023

    April 2, Palm Sunday Holy Week begins with shouts and waving palm branches as we join the crowd to cheer Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem. We will gather outside of the church to bless palm branches and process around the neighborhood together, following the cross. Then we’ll transition from the triumphant entry to Jerusalem to the…

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  • Lent 2023

    Lent 2023

    At some point in every Christian’s life, they discover a question.  You know the kind. Not How are you? or What kind of toothpaste should I buy? But What really happens when we die? Or Why does this terrible stuff happen to people who do their best to follow God? Or How could God forgive…

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  • Acolyte Training

    Acolyte Training

    We’re returning to an old practice: acolytes assisting in worship! Acolyte means “follower,”  and these followers of Jesus help lead worship by lighting candles, assisting with  communion, leading processions, and putting the candles out after worship is over. This is a great role for children and youth. Acolytes will serve no more than once a…

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  • Christmas Worship Schedule

    Christmas Worship Schedule

    O come let us adore him: Christ the Lord! Are you in Malden or the surrounding area and looking for a place to worship on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? We invite you to join us here at First Lutheran Church in Malden as we celebrate the birth of Christ throughout the Christmas season. 4:30…

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  • Summer Worship Schedule

    Summer Worship Schedule

    Join us in Woburn and Malden as we worship together this summer.

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  • Lent 2022

    Lent 2022

    Ash Wednesday, March 2 “Remember you are dust and to dust you shall return.” The early Christians adopted the use of ashes as a visible sign of seeking forgiveness and as recognition of our mortality and dependence on God. As Jesus spent 40 days in the wilderness, we too spend the 40 days of Lent…

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  • Remote Christmas Worship

    Remote Christmas Worship

    O come let us adore him: Christ the Lord! We invite you to join us in celebrating the birth of Christ throughout the Christmas season. Due to the increasing risks of COVID-19 spread and hospitalizations, we will be worshipping remotely as a congregation this year. 4:30 pm Christmas Eve Worship Our most interactive service of…

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  • Midweek Worship and Conversation

    Midweek Worship and Conversation

    September 29 – November 24, 7 pm Going deeper is part of the Christian journey.  Over October and November, we will bepartnering with three nearby Lutheran congregations for Evening Prayer followed byconversation focused on traditional ways of deepening spirituality. These conversations will draw from the book Soul Feast, by Marjorie Thompson (the 2014 or 2015 version…

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  • Blessing of the Animals

    Blessing of the Animals

    On Sunday, October 3rd at 4:30pm, bring your fluffy, feathered, slithery and scaly friends to church! We’ll meet outside the church to thank God for our pets and to ask for God to bless and keep them. Expect a lot of noise and laughter as all God’s creatures raise their voices in praise. If your…

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  • Online Church: Responding to COVID-19

    Online Church: Responding to COVID-19

    Grace to you and peace through Jesus Christ. Beloved church, the recommendations regarding the coronavirus have changed rapidly over the course of the past week. Many of our previous plans no longer apply. Now some advise not gathering in groups of 25 or more. As followers of Jesus, we are called to show mercy and…

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