Pastoral Letter on #WontBeErased



This fall is full of anxiety and trepidation, anger and fear, for transgender people. Our government is circulating a memo proposing to legally define gender according to anatomy at birth, a definition rejected by scientists and activists alike. It attempts to legally erase transgender and intersex people from our nation. A legal definition like this one would allow for greater discrimination and institutional violence against transgender people and anyone outside of the gender binary. This memo comes at the same time as a Massachusetts ballot measure proposing to rescind non-discrimination protections for transgender people in public accommodations like locker rooms and rest rooms.

All transgender, gender-nonconforming, non-binary, and intersex people are part of the body of Christ: wonderfully made as written in Psalm 139, created in the image of God, and deeply beloved. We affirm with the writers of Genesis that all humans, especially transgender people, are created not only good, but very good.

This congregation rejects any law or document that would harm our transgender siblings in Christ. We stand in coalition with Freedom For All Massachusetts in favor of Ballot 3, preserving the rights of transgender people in this state, and we will work for justice for people of all gender identities now and in the future.

People of all gender identities make up the universal church, and as such are always welcome here.

With love and solidarity,

Rev. Emily Hamilton

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