Sabbatical FAQ

This summer Pastor Emily will go on sabbatical, a time for intentional rest and spiritual renewal to better equip her as our minister in the years ahead. Here are answers to some of our frequently asked questions:

Q: When will Pastor Emily be on Sabbatical?
A: May 29th through the end of August.

Q: Who will lead services at First Lutheran during her absence?
A: Pastor Cindy Jacobson from Redeemer in Woburn has agreed to preside every other week in Malden and Woburn. Please click here to view the schedule.

Q: What if I have a pastoral emergency?
A: Pastor Cindy will handle emergencies during the month of June. Her phone number will be given out at the beginning of June. We will ask for other clergy to cover the months of July and August. Please check the email newsletter or reach out to the church office for this information. Examples of a pastoral emergency are:
– A death
– Hospitalization

Q: If I have a pastoral emergency and I REALLY want to speak with Pastor Emily, can I call her?
A: No, unfortunately you cannot. The congregation will need to respect her time away. If you have a pastoral emergency, please call the pastor assigned during that time.

Q: If I don’t have an emergency but need someone to talk to, should I call Pastor Cindy?
A: Please call another member of the church. Additionally, we will be setting up calling lists for certain members to receive a call and/or a visit at least once a month from another member.

Q: Will worship services still be available on Zoom?
A: Yes. When Pastor Cindy is preaching from Woburn, Redeemer will run their Zoom meeting. When she is in Malden, the Malden team will run the Zoom meeting.

Q: Can I go in person to attend worship services at Woburn?
A: Yes! You are encouraged to do so and Redeemer members are encouraged to come to Malden.

Q: What if I need to add someone to the prayer list?
A: Please call or email Annette (for the bulletin) and Harry Hussey (for the e-news).

Q: Pastor Emily lives near the church. What should I do if I run into her while on sabbatical?
A: It’s entirely possible that we’ll run into Pastor Emily out in her yard or around Malden. If you do, feel free to greet her – just avoid talking about church.

If you have other questions about this summer’s sabbatical planning, please reach out to council president Anne Disciullo.

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