125th Anniversary Story Project

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On October 26th, 2018, we celebrate the 125th birthday of First Lutheran Church. We celebrate 125 years:

… of ministry and service,
… of joy and laughter,
… of grief and sorrow,
… of giving and receiving hospitality,
… of grace and forgiveness,
… of following Jesus Christ.

So in 125 years, what have we learned about our congregation? Who have we been? Where are we going? What stories do we have to share with one another?

One way to find out is to share our holy curiosity about one another through interviews. Everyone in our community: members, visitors, friends of the congregation, folks who have been here once or every Sunday for the last fifty years, is invited to share your story of what has happened at First Lutheran Church, and how it has shaped you.

Joan Rossi graciously agreed to an interview with Pastor Emily a few weeks ago. To hear some of her story, listen to the link below:

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One Response to 125th Anniversary Story Project

  1. Tami Kander says:

    Nicely done Joan! Miss you all.

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