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  • Reconciling in Christ: Updated Statement of Welcome

    Reconciling in Christ: Updated Statement of Welcome

    At its Annual Meeting on January 22, 2017, First Lutheran Church adopted an Affirmation of Welcome and voted to become a Reconciling In Christ congregation, publicly welcoming lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people into the life and ministry of the church. Along with hundreds of others, our congregation was accepted onto a national roster maintained…

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  • Summer Worship Schedule

    Summer Worship Schedule

    Join us in Woburn and Malden as we worship together this summer.

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  • Summer 2022 Worship Schedule

    Summer 2022 Worship Schedule

    This summer, Pastor Emily Hamilton will be on sabbatical and we will be hosting Sunday Worship in conjunction with Church of the Redeemer in Woburn with Pastor Cindy Jacobson presiding. The Sunday Worship location will alternate between both churches every week at 9:30am from June through the end of August. All are welcome to attend…

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  • Midweek Lent Worship

    Midweek Lent Worship

    Welcome to Lent. Over six weeks we’ll dive deeply into the gospel stories of this season, walking with Jesus toward the cross. At 6pm we gather to enjoy one another’s company, eating dinner “together” remotely. Then at 6:30pm we’ll have a simple worship service centered around the practice of Lectio Divina, or holy reading. Email…

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  • 2021 Annual Meeting

    2021 Annual Meeting

    Together with the whole congregation, we gather to celebrate God’s work through our congregation and plan the road ahead for the year to come! Our annual meeting will take place Sunday, January 24th after service at 11am ET. In order to cast binding votes and to conduct official business, our constitution requires that a quorum…

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  • Home Altars

    Dearest church, It’s been five months since we’ve worshipped together in our sanctuary, longer than any of us imagined back in March. While we’re taking steps toward returning to in-person worship, it will be some time until our full congregation is able to worship in the same space, and more time yet until every person…

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  • Easter 2020

    Easter 2020

    Holy Week This year our Palm Sunday will be a bit different! We will begin our worship by processing not only around the sanctuary, but around the block. Please remember to wear weather appropriate clothing, including shoes. If you aren’t able to walk around the block, don’t worry: when we reach the church, we will…

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  • Lent Opportunities 2020

    Lent Opportunities 2020

    Lent is a time of reflection and penitence, an opportunity to recenter ourselves on what matters: our relationship with God, and what God has done for us in Jesus Christ. This year, we have a series of chances for everyone to carve out some time to reconnect with God this season. Fat Tuesday Pancake Dinner…

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