Easter 2020

Holy Week

This year our Palm Sunday will be a bit different! We will begin our worship by processing not only around the sanctuary, but around the block. Please remember to wear weather appropriate clothing, including shoes. If you aren’t able to walk around the block, don’t worry: when we reach the church, we will process through the sanctuary to “All Glory Laud and Honor,” as in years past.  If you’re interested in helping lead music with a portable item like a ukulele, guitar, drum, or any other instrument, please speak with Yun Lee or Pastor Emily.

While palms will be available, we’d like to encourage everyone to bring a branch from a tree, fern, or other local green plant you have permission to prune. If at all possible, bring a branch from a tree which will flower in the spring. Any branches with buds will be kept in water for the week in hopes of “forcing” the buds into bloom for Easter Sunday.  

The Great Three Days

During Holy Week, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday together make up one long worship service known as the Triduum or the Great Three Days. At First Lutheran we will have a variety of opportunities to experience God’s words and deeds throughout those days. Everyone is encouraged to come to every service to be immersed in the story of salvation together.

Maundy Thursday

On Maundy Thursday we remember Jesus’ last supper with his disciples. This year, we will share a Dinner Church service. This won’t be dinner followed by church, but worship in the midst of a meal – just as the early Christians would have celebrated communion. Starting at 5:30pm, Pastor Emily will be available for a time of individual confession, absolution, laying on of hands and prayer.  We will prepare the meal and the worship space together beginning at 6:15pm, and gather at the entry of the vestry at 7pm for worship and dinner.

Good Friday

On Good Friday we remember Jesus’ crucifixion and death. Join us to hear the passion story, sing hymns of faith, doubt, and lament, The evening ends in darkness and silence, and continues the following night with a shared Vigil of Easter service at First Lutheran Church in Lynn, MA.

Easter Vigil

We will join our siblings in Christ at First Lutheran Church in Lynn for the Easter Vigil once again this year. Watch for details about the time of service, pick up choir, and sharing our interpretation of a scripture passage.

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